Areas of Practice

Strategy & Development - Understand the engagement with your customers and build a strategy that both delights the customer as well as provides the customer with their intended outcomes.

Customer Churn & Downgrade - Develop a churn classification strategy; understanding why your customers leave or shrink can ultimately drive processes and engagement with the right people at the right time in the customer journey, avoiding churn and downgrades. You worked hard to acquire your customer base, protect them and build engagement between the business and customers alike.

Customer Satisfaction, NPS, and Product and Service Surveys - What would a customer say to you if they had the opportunity? Are they willing to share what frustrates them? Think a quiet customer is a happy customer? (Hint: they are not!) Identify how to uniquely engage customers in a way that allows them to be candid about your product and service. Engage the promoters within your customer base that can help turn passives and detractors over to promoters. Build improvement plans within the business that address the most frustrating aspect of the way you deliver your product or service. Keep your Customer Success strategy focused on obtaining, acting, and resolving issues through closed loop feedback.

Companies with a strategic vision for the longer term success of their business are taking into account that the customer experience can be a key differentiator amongst competition.


With more than 10 years in Customer Success across multiple disciplines; I am authentically passionate about the customer experience and how leaders can engage, involve, and delight their customers in every interaction.

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